Jan Widströmer The Gallery


  • Caricatures
  • Modernistic experiments in oil
  • Ink drawings (often improvised)
  • Automatic writings (poetry)
  • University studies: the history of literature, art and culture; the Nordic languages, English
  • Starts collecting books of art
  • From now on travels to different art museums in Europe


Datura Candida Landscape Winter
  • Realistic and romantic landscapes in oil on board and canvas, a style soon abandoned
  • Modernism: from expressive cubism to cool concrete art
  • Experiments in lacquer, oil etc on paper, board, canvas
  • Ink drawings, from improvisations to calculated geometries; also landscape studies
  • Pop and hippie inspired poster art on paper, mainly ink and lacquer
  • Teacher's exam, moves to Falkenberg
  • Corresponding themes in art and poetry (unpublished manuscripts)
  • University studies in history


Corona Christi
Mixed Media
  • Studies in religion, iconography, art and poetry
  • Book of poetry with drawings in ink published
  • A poster for Amnesty printed
  • Paintings and drawings with hard edge geometries; an .ism, emblematism invented; notable are the canvases called Interiors, showing the months and the seasons of the year as compositions consisting of squares with four triangles inscribed, some exhibited in 1989
  • Colourful big size chalk drawings on paper; some in black chalk only
  • Solo exhibitions at home and abroad; first large scale exhibition in 1980
  • Group exhibitions
  • Writes cultural articles for the newspapers (1984-1991)
  • More poetry writing; recitement at a poetry festival; a few poems published in the newspapers
  • A large series of "emblematic" or abstract paintings in oil (and/or acrylic) on paper (often inspired by poetry and music)


Tree Lake Sunset
  • Group exhibitions in Sweden, England and Finland
  • Solo exhibitions in Halland and Stockholm
  • Expressive big size black chalk drawings on paper and some pencil
  • Calligraphy like acrylic paintings on canvas in black, red, white and grey; a large number exhibited at a solo exhibition in Falkenberg called The Sea
  • Landscape like compositions in acrylic on canvas inspired by the movements of the wind in the grass and the waves of the sea, defined as inner impressionism


Trancendental study 3
Black Notes
  • Greyish miniature paintings in acrylic on canvas with themes from poetry and music Inner impressionism from the 90's develops into a large series of acrylic paintings (big size) called Musical moments and Transcendental studies
  • Joins Konstliv Halland in 2001 with county wide exhibitions once a year
  • Returns to the emblematism of the 80's in a series of acrylic paintings on canvas
  • Personal website
  • Works also shown on English, German and American art sites
  • Group exhibitions


Arabesque Arabesque
  • The artist´s studio gallery is opened to the public
  • A series of paintings, "Arabesques", inspired by oriental art, music and poetry exhibited
  • Poetry is published on poeter.se
  • Group exhibitions

(To be continued ..)